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Chet Eriel A. Solis

“Anong ginawa mo sa katawan mo?”

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“Anong ginawa mo sa katawan mo?”

Acrylic on Canvas




This piece is about my PCOS journey from 2016 to present day, my struggles with the people who keeps on telling me that I gained weight without knowing what really caused it. The inner trauma of being fat shamed while having problems with sleeping, breakouts, moodswings and hair growth. This is about the mask i keep on wearing everytime they say it to my face. On the brighter side its also about my outlets and how I cope with it.


"Chet Solis is a self-taught artist and PE/Art Teacher who lives in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Her art focuses on self-portraits and fanart (mainly scenes from movies and characters). As a self-taught artist, she likes experimenting with art styles by creating collages, making journal spreads and painting. She likes to express herself by doing and teaching Art,especially with kids."